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 Glory days of Thorny Burnet.jpg

Glory Days of Thorny Burnet

A project meant to wrap sensory experiences together.  The viewer is prompted to touch the flour and listen to short stories while the bread is being baked. It was installed in Creative Physics Workshop by Albedo Platform at Beirut Station, September 2016.

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Original Inky Dream 

A short video reflecting on what it is like to be in a city where the smell of death is in the walls and there is no escape.

It was presented in Beirut Metamorphose at 12 Drouot in Paris, March 2015.

screen shot for Jamili's pray .jpg

Jamili's Prayer 

An installation with video, dice and a sequence of 150 photos.  It was presented in A Museum of Immortality (inspired by the philosophy of Nikolai Fedorov) at Ashkal Alwan in Beirut, June 2014. 

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